Before JCJ Plugins has been built, we are just freelancers who are building individual plugins and then selling it to our clients. However, we thought that we can build plugins not only to earn but also to help. Not just creating simple plugins but offering more benefits to our clients. And then we decided that this is it! Let’s combine our ideas, help each other and boom! JCJ Plugins has been born.

Backend Developer

He doesn’t like noisy environment. However, he is the “tiger” of the team if we talked about WordPress. He also likes anime and his “favorite” book (which he always to read) is WordPress CheatSheet.

Front-end Developer

Well, Carl is only interested in Javascript and CSS. However, he is also a nerd if we talk about WordPress and other frameworks. During free time, he is playing CS (too old, huh?!) with the rest.

Researcher / Documentation

He is currently the researcher of the team. He plans what plugin should be built, will it benefit to us and to our potential clients? And among others.

He is currently working as a WordPress Support Agent to one of the famous hosting providers in the planet.