9 Must have WordPress Plugins when you start building your website – Part 1

When you start building your own WordPress site, our main goal is to have lesser plugins as much as possible. As a general rule of thumb. the fewer the plugins the better. However, there are plugins that will definitely help us in setting up our website. On this post, I will share with you the 9 must have wordpress plugins that will help you in building your website. In my perspective, these plugins should be on my primary list when I plan to build a website. Why? because their features and functions definitely help us in many ways and too hard to resist! Do you want a plugin that will make your website load faster? A plugin that will monitor your website security? How about a plugin that will backup your website monthly, weekly or even daily?!?

I have listed below the must-have plugins when you start building your website – my OWN list.

Backup Plugins

First of all, when building a website, what we need is a plugin that will backup your website. There are many unforeseen situations which we come up to a certain point that a website restoration is needed. If you are a website owner, it is your responsibility to backup your website either by daily or weekly. Especially if you are going to update your themes and plugins, a backup is necessary so that you can restore easily if an issue will happen after the update. Below is the recommended plugin which is also I am using on my website.

I recommend

BlogVault – Do you want a Backup Service that is cheap but it has all you need? For $9 / month, you will get what you all need! BlogVault has an Offsite Storage which is a great feature. Meaning, your backup files is on their OWN server. This is the reason BlogVault is on my first list. Another reason BlogVault is the King for me is the one-click auto-restore. Unlike other plugins, restoring a website has too many steps and not-user friendly. In BlogVault, just click auto-restore and do your routine exercise while it is restoring your website. It’s easy as that! If you want to try their service, they are offering 7-day Trial! sign-up it here


BackupBuddy – BackupBuddy is one of the most popular backup plugins out there. In spite of being a premium plugin, it is still on top of the list and probably one of the best. We are using BackupBuddy at WP Curve when we backup the websites of our customers. It is one of our standard procedures that before commencing a task, a backup should be made and then send to our Amazon Storage. This is to make sure that we will not be compromised if something bad happen after we finished the task.

Though there are times that BackupBuddy will timeout because of some limitation of server/hosting company, proper configuration of this will surely solve most of the issues. The biggest backup I created using this plugin has a size of 5.1 GB and was able to restore it easily! :no-sweat:

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration – An alternative of BackupBuddy is UpdraftPlus. There are some hosting that BackupBuddy won’t really work. This is the time which is UpdraftPlus Plugin comes to the rescue.

The best advantage of using UpdraftPlus vs BackupBuddy is that the former offers free version. Specially if your website is not big, no need for a premium plugin just to backup the website. UpdraftPlus is enough. UpdraftPlus already proves to million of users about its functionalities and features. Being hailed as the highest-ranking Backup Plugin on WordPress.org, all I can say is that they truly deserve it :respect:

Caching Plugins

Website should be fast. It should load quickly. When your audience open your website and what they seen is just a white screen, then I’m sure they leave as fast as rocket! That’s where caching plugins become our knight-of-shining-armour. Unless your website is hosted on Managed WordPress Hosting Service like WPEngine or Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting which has already caching architecture, then you don’t really need these plugins anymore. Because those Managed WordPress Hosting Services are quite a value for small website like me, a normal hosting service is already enough for me though the server is not quite as good as those hosting services stated above. That’s where these plugins below would be my partner.

I recommend

W3 Total Cache – I can’t really live on this world if I don’t install this plugin on my website. Trust me, it’s not a metaphor! W3 Total Cache is definitely the best caching plugin out there. It has already the things what I need to optimise my website speed. Browser Caching, Minification, GZip Compression and many more! Through proper configuration, you can increase your website speed by 60 – 70%! I will definitely post a simple tutorial on how to properly configure W3 Total Cache. What more I can say? Just install it and no further excuses 🙂


WP Super Cache – This plugin can be an alternative if you don’t like the recommended plugin above. Some of our customers told us to install WP Super Cache instead of W3 Total Cache. Though we can’t compare the two plugins because of its different technologies, I can say that WP Super Cache is still a good plugin for caching feature. If you don’t like to configure W3 Total Cache, then WP Super Cache will be a good choice for you.

Security Plugin


There is only one plugin that I can recommend to check any holes and malware files on your website and that is Wordfence Security Plugin. When building a website, security is our main priority. Wordfence Security Plugin serves as John Snow that will fight and search for any White Walkers on your website. Wordfence is the Azor Ahai. We can’t afford to be compromised and we should not let our guards down, never.

Wordfence automatically checks if there are outdated plugins and themes of your website. outdated themes and plugins are prone to exploits and vulnerabilities that’s why Wordfence always notify us to update them. We can also manually scan malware or infected files using Wordfence Security. It has also a feature to limit the login attempts and so many more! If you really care about your website, then install this plugin right now!

SEO Plugin


One of our main goals when building a website is to increase our Search Engine Traffic. Why is my website not on Google? Nah, I found it but it’s on page 7! How to rank it first? Why my other posts are not on the search result? If you are asking yourselves right now and scratching your head, that’s the time that you need SEO Plugin. There are many SEO Plugins out there but WordPress SEO by Yoast really shines the most.

Let’s take a deeper look how WordPress SEO helps on this aspect

  • You can optimise your Title, Meta Description, and Keywords through WordPress SEO.
  • You can have sitemap through this plugin so no need to install a sitemap plugin – it is like killing two birds with one stone!
  • Page Analysis on every post
  • Meta Configuration per post
  • And an SEO Score for you to check that you are doing the right thing.

Though there are many things to consider to have higher rankings for your website, WordPress SEO really covers a lot of them. You should also consider having all “alt” texts related on your images, deciding either of the two – with or without www, website speed, and many more. Yoast also written a definite guide for you to follow to get higher rankings.

Please don’t forget to finish reading this topic on my next post. I will tackle the last 5 plugins and why they should be installed on your website.

Questions and feedback on this post? Feel free to comment below!

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